time unnoticed

by sakes

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recorded at newcastle college and at a house in ryton.
a million thank you's to reece spencer for recording and producing.

glen sutherland - guitars/vocals
reece spencer - additional guitars/drums/backing vox.
adam thirtle - photograpy - www.adamthirtle.com


released December 23, 2013



all rights reserved


sakes Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK

Reaction songs.

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Track Name: Wader
well... we discussed our lives.
the conversation took my arm.
guided this vacant heavy eye line
to motivation in the dark.

well, my mind cracked like the glass smashed
half empty from the start.
careful, somehow you made feathers from
the shards.

well what use is it when i choke and crumble at the thought
of jumping in and getting what i want?

oh, god. got too ahead of myself.
stumbling on these old floors.
holding on to anything as stable.
waking up the creaky boards.

after my mind cracked like the glass smashed
i was picking at my faults
strange shaped, but somehow you weren't puzzled by
the parts.

well i'll wade and wade til night turns to day.
and that ship of fools?
man, they won't even have me.
i found solace in knowing
i can make sense of the parts.

well i'll wade and wade til dry land is what i'm on.
i'll keep making these mistakes
but man,
there's nothing
i can't
learn from.
Track Name: A Welcome Exit
skimming stones made my waters seem calmer.
like i haven't been anchored down in forever.
see i learned of the divide
having been on both sides.
the difference in the wax drip fading
and the flame still burning bright.

chewed at my nails like like they were
the only things keeping me alive
as i stared out into the infinite night.
raked myself in like the leaves.
pulled my roots up past my knees.
a warm and welcome exit
to my homegrown apathy.

all it took was this winters hold.
relieved my pains over ice and coal.
the ink will dry as the spine unfolds.
we're moving on not just getting old.

we still all want the american dream
but our wires? they're rusted and peeled.
i spent most nights wondering why.
so loosen your chest and let go of the wheeze.